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A restorative hand ritual

We are all washing our hands more frequently these days. Good hygiene is so important but harsh soaps and sanitisers can negatively impact our skin, so why not take a...

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How to care for hormonal skin

It’s the month when love is traditionally in the air... and at Slow Ageing Essentials we believe loving ourselves – and embracing all we are – can only be a...

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Skincare during the menopause

Along with puberty and pregnancy, the menopause can bring about some of the biggest changes your skin will experience. While some will sail through this life stage experiencing little difference,...

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Skincare for the season: Autumn

Autumn has a deliciously ‘new term’ feel about it. As the clocks fall back and the golden haze of summer ripens into burnished hues, our skincare routine can benefit from...

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Margot's Guided Meditation

Take time for self-care, even if its 5-15 mins a day. Find a moment to cultivate your inner calm and moments of peace and serenity. Breath awareness...

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Five steps to a perfect bath

Bathing is one of life’s great pleasures, a ritual that’s almost as famous in British culture as a cup of tea. At Slow Ageing Essentials we recommend bathing once or...

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Showered With Love

Whereas a bath is all about putting the world on pause and letting your brain and body unwind, so taking a shower is all about thinking time...

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