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Skincare for the season: Winter

Every season has its own unique beauty - and its beauty challenges. Winter gives us the perfect excuse to get cosy and enjoy time indoors with loved ones, but colder winds and rain plus moisture-zappers like central heating can play havoc with our skin. If you are experiencing dehydration, dullness or other winter skin woes now’s the ideal time to establish a new routine and enjoy happy, radiant skin, whatever the weather.

Slough to smooth
One of the best ways to combat dry skin brought on by wintry weather is to increase exfoliation. We recommend three times a week to speed up natural cell renewal. Mix one quarter E​ssential Face Balm ​with three quarters ​Essential Face & Body Exfoliating Polish​ for a quenching and exfoliating mask. Remember your body too, it will be crying out for care after being swathed in thick layers. For a deeply-exfoliating body treatment, massage the polish into dry skin then rinse off in circular motions. You could use an exfoliating glove for an extra radiance boost.

Soothe stressed skin
When it’s cold and blustery, our skin can become fragile from overexposure to the elements. What it needs is a surge of soothing hydration. Simply mix one third Essential Face Balm ​with two. thirds Essential Face Wash​ and massage into skin. With natural shea butter and neroli essential oil, our balm’s regenerating properties help rejuvenate seasonally-stressed skin as our Face Wash smoothes away impurities and dead skin cells. Skin is left nourished and velvety-soft.

Consider humidity
The drier the air, the drier your skin, so invest in a humidifier if you can. This will add much-needed moisture back into the air, which is good news for your hair as well as skin. Or, for a simple way to increase moisture levels in the atmosphere, place a bowl of fresh water near a radiator or heater. You could add a few drops of your favourite essential oil to the bowl to create a deliciously natural (and cost effective) home fragrance.

Brush for brilliance
It's easy to neglect your body when it’s covered in layers, but investing in healthy habits like dry body brushing will pay dividends for your skin. Dry brushing sheds excess skin cells, stimulates lymph and blood flow and optimises skin cell growth. Before showering or bathing, brush your body with long strokes along the limbs and across the torso, then use circular movements around the hips, bottom and stomach. It’ll take about 90 seconds and you’ll instantly see and feel the benefits.

Double-up bath time
Who doesn’t love a warm soak when it’s cold outside? Try massaging Essential Bath Essence​ into the skin before you get into the bath so the essential oils can begin work on your senses. Measure a capful and massage half into your chest, abdominals and lower back then lace your bath with the remaining half. When you’re in the water, massage limbs with long strokes to work the healing, replenishing oils into your skin. After your soak, supercharge the benefits by applying our Essential Firming Body Essence. Massage the stimulating, detoxing oil in with firm, fast movements and medium pressure to help stimulate microcirculation.

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