Winter-Proof Your Skin

Winter-Proof Your Skin

The leaves may be falling fast from the trees and the first cold snaps of winter starting to bite, but this gives us the perfect excuse to cosy up inside, snuggle down by the fire and enjoy time with friends and family. There’s also nothing like getting the whole family out for a meander through the crisp woods (so beautiful in their starkness at this time of year). Why not bring along bikes too to really get heart and lungs pumping and those endorphin levels on the up? 

Every season has its unique, special beauty… and its beauty challenges. Dealing with the elements – colder winds, rain and a drop in temperature – plus man-made moisture-zappers like dehydrating central heating can all play havoc with skin. Once you know what you’re up against however, it’s much easier to arm yourself with the beauty knowledge you need to take control of your skin. So if you haven’t already, now’s the time to establish staple skincare regimes that really pay off. Here are our top suggestions for wonderful winter skin, whatever the weather:


Slough to smooth

One of the best ways to combat dry skin conditions brought on by wintry weather is to increase the number of times you exfoliate. Here at Slow Ageing Essentials we recommend 3 times a week. Your skin renews itself around 28 days on average but this rate of renewal slows through the decades. You can help speed this up by mixing ¼ Essential Face Balm with ¾ of our new Essential Face & Body Exfoliating Polish for a thirst-quenching exfoliation mask. Try it in the morning and enjoy extra-supple skin daylong. 

Remember your body too; it will be crying out for extra care after being swathed in warm layers. For a deeply exfoliating body treatment, massage your Essential Exfoliating Polish into dry skin then rinse off in circular motions. You could use a muslin glove to massage it further into your skin for an extra glow of gorgeous! 


Soothe stressed skin

When it’s cold and blustery, skin can easily feel tired and fragile from overexposure to the elements. What it needs is a real surge of hydration – and it’s so easy! Simply mix 1/3 Essential Face Balm with 2/3 Essential Face Wash and massage into skin. This gentle, deep cleansing treatment smooths away impurities and dead skin cells to transform dull, unhappy skin to ultra-nourished and velvety-soft.


Boost the balm

Made from rich butters and waxes, balms are wonder products when it comes to bringing skin back into beautiful balance. So increase the number of times you apply Essential Face Balm each week. If you’ve not already included it into your beauty regime, now is definitely the time to start. With natural shea butter and potent neroli essential oil, its regenerating properties really help to rejuvenate seasonally-stressed skin. To double its vitalising benefits, incorporate our 'Skin’ergy self-massage' when applying it to face, neck and décolleté. 


Brush for brilliance

It's easy to neglect the skin on your body; make the effort to invest in healthy skin habits like dry body brushing. It quickly sheds excess skin cells, stimulates lymph and blood flow and optimises skin cell growth. You will instantly see and feel the benefits – it’s addictive (trust us!). Before showering or bathing, brush your body with long stokes along the limbs, then across the torso and use circular movements around the hips, bottom and stomach area. It’s 90 seconds to smooth skin! 


Double-up bath time

Who doesn’t love a warm soak at this time of year? By massaging in new Essential Bath Essence before you even get into the bath you can really double the beauty benefits. The essential oils get to work straight away on your olfactory senses to ease you into a dreamy state. Measure an inner cap full and massage half into your chest, abdominal region and lower back. Then when you’re in the bath, massage it into your limbs with long strokes. Then lace your bath with the remaining 1/2 of this healing, replenishing oil to treat skin in distress. Just dreamy.


Condition your body

Our skin is all one organ so don’t ignore the skin on your body. Our new Essential Firming Body Essence helps to nourish, firm and tone skin all over. For 1-3 mins massage the stimulating, detoxing oil in circular motions towards the heart area (chest), breasts, lower back and abdomen, then use longer strokes on the arms and legs. Apply with firm, fast movements (but not deep pressure) to help stimulate the microcirculation. Do this every day after your shower or bath and you’ll soon see the results.


Shave without the burn

Men don’t escape the rigours of winter either… irritation from shaving can really worsen with cold. So gentlemen, this one’s for you! Apply Essential Face Balm before you go to bed; you’ll wake up with much softer stubble and that means a smoother, more comfortable shave. You can also massage in naturally healing Essential Facial Essence either before or after shaving to help calm razor burn then finish with a layer of Essential Moisturiser for comfortable skin all day.


Choose gentle

Winter’s harsh conditions are enough to contend with without overloading skin with lots of complicated ingredients it doesn’t really need. Every Slow Ageing Essentials product is formulated from only the purest, highest quality and most gentle essential oils and natural botanical oils, butters and waxes because we believe they are better for your skin. Nature’s finest; pure and simple.


Layer up on protection

We’re not just talking about a hat and scarf here! Moisturised skin is stronger skin so remember to always apply Essential Moisturiser after you’ve cleansed in the morning. Creamy and comforting it’s loaded with anti-oxidant essential oils and algae-based polyphenols for additional nourishment and protection against bad weather and pollution. Result? Softer, healthier and more resilient skin. 


Put the moisture back

The drier the air, the drier your skin, so invest in a humidifier if you can. This will add much-needed moisture back into the air; good news for your hair as well as skin. Or, for a simple wellbeing hack, place a bowl of fresh water near a radiator or heater to increase moisture levels in the atmosphere. You could even add a few drops of your favourite essential oil to the bowl to create a deliciously natural (and cost effective) home fragrance. 


Keep it simple

We believe you don’t need an army of lotions, potions and serums to enjoy healthy, glowing skin. Our magnificent 7 are all you need! For your face that’s one cleanser, one moisturiser, a facial essence and a nighttime balm plus 3 new hard-working, multi-tasking body beautifiers. What could be easier?


And finally...

Tempting as it is to load up with carbs and not venture out, be mindful to keep eating healthily, drinking plenty of fresh water and getting out into that bracing fresh air daily. You’ll feel far better for it - and will get such a glow in return.