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" I have fallen in love with Slow Ageing, a wonderful brand giving the world what it needs now in every way it can. In a busy and confusing world it simplifies everything, for the business, the therapist and the client too. It ticks every box and its honesty and quality excels. IIt's ethical and authentic - nothing is compromised. But, maybe most importantly, it simply works! "

Sara - Glow Beauty

Embracing a holistic approach to skincare is at the core of the Slow Ageing ethos, which is why the brand are passionate about bringing their ritualistic essentials to salons and spas across the country.

Offering a unique range of 100% clean, 100% authentic, 100% sustainably sourced and 100% effective products for all skin types - with packed formulations of only the finest, purest, and most active distilled essential oils and botanicals. Slow Ageing are offering bespoke opening orders to suit salon and spa needs.  Offering online training so therapists can join the Slow Ageing revolution with an immediate deeper understanding of the product range and the treatments available.

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