We believe skincare closest to nature has to be better for our skin.

Skin is our body’s largest organ, covered in 5 million sensory cells… so where’s the sense in putting anything on it that’s unnatural or chemically enhanced? Synthetic ingredients are far more likely to irritate – and far less gentle. That’s why you’ll find only the purest, finest, most active essential oils and botanicals in our formulations.


100% effective. Every ingredient is only there because it improves the quality of your skin. From proven, sustainably sourced antioxidant essential oils to deeply penetrating botanical butters and skin-plumping algae extract. They are authentic and clean, sustainably and responsibly sourced. What you won’t find are any SLS, SLES, mineral oils, palm oils or parfum (all our fragrances are as nature intended).

Layer 1

Super Powered Anti-oxidants

To disarm ageing free-radicals and limit oxidisation.

Ylang Ylang Oil

(Cananga odorata)

Antioxidant, balancing and naturally moisturising.

Neroli Oil

(Citrus aurantium)

Stimulates cell growth and boosts microcirculation.

Roman Chamomile Oil

(Anthemis nobilis)

Anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, healing and improves blood flow.

Basil Oil

(Ocimum basilicum)

Antioxidant, antiviral and antibacterial.

Layer 2

Topical Circulatory Stimulants

Bring blood, oxygen and nutrients to the surface of the skin for brightness.


Micro exfoliating, brightening and smoothing.


Antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, detoxifying and toning


(Rosmarinus officinalis)

Stimulates blood circulation bringing oxygen to the skin’s surface.

Lemon Verbena

(Lippia citriodora)

Anti-inflammatory, soothing, clarifying, toning and naturally protective against UV.

Layer 3

Nutrient Rich extracts

Essential fatty acids, lipids and nutrients plump and rehydrate.

Hazelnut seed oil 

extremely penetrating, softening, rich in fatty acids, Vitamins A, C

Cocoa Butter

Antioxidant, nourishing, collagen-stimulating, toning and restores elasticity.

Shea Butter 

Rich in essential fatty acids to support cell regeneration and improve elasticity.

Algae Extract

Rich in polypeptides, polysaccharides and amino acids to protect and moisturise.


To this 3-tier system we add our wealth of aromatherapy knowledge.