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Who are we?

Slow Ageing Essentials is a British skincare brand created and owned by beauty industry pioneer David Lieber (Lieber LTD) and his wife Margot (yoga teacher, Natural Chef and student of Naturopathic nutrition). Both devoted to holistic wellbeing in their daily - as well as their working - lives, Slow Ageing Essentials was born from a lifelong passion for pure essential oils, natural botanicals and their combined effects on slowing the skin’s ageing process.


What we believe in…

The very best sustainably sourced natural ingredients, crafted to create the most effective formulations with expertise and passion at their heart… that really deliver what they promise. Working with a team of like-minded chemists, therapists and wellbeing experts, we have developed a simple, tried and tested routine that works on all ages, genders and skin types. One that’s kind to the planet, as well as to skin.


Beautiful balance

Slow Ageing is about balance, in all things. Not overloading your skin with products it doesn’t need, not pushing yourself so hard when you exercise that you strain a muscle or cutting sleep in order to meet a work deadline. But helping to slow the effects of time on your skin is not just about what you apply, it’s how you look after yourself too - mentally and physically. 


Keeping hydrated

Water keeps every system in your body working efficiently – and that includes skin. From delivering nutrients to cells, increasing oxygenation and flushing out toxins, by keeping your skin topped up you can even delay fine dehydration lines becoming permanent wrinkles. Try starting your day with a large glass of water containing the juice of half a lemon and drink at least a litre of fresh water a day.


Eating simply

Whole foods in their most natural form are best. Try filling at least half your plate with colourful, high fibre vegetables and include bright fruits like berries. Rich with antioxidants and phytochemicals, they inhibit collagen degrading free radicals, help boost immunity and support good gut health. After all, to look your best on the outside, you need to feel your best on the inside too.


Wellbeing regimes

Life is busy but daily wellbeing routines can quickly create space for presence and purpose. Applying your Slow Ageing products using our Skin’ergy massage technique, taking five minutes to sit quietly and meditate or simply being in nature. Even small routines can make a big difference to your stress levels and state of mind – and it shows on your skin.


Exercising daily

Walking, swimming, yoga, Tai Chi, Qui Gong; find a movement you love and commit to it. Regular exercise has countless benefits. It keeps muscles flexible for longer, helps your heart stay strong and maintain bone density, improves circulation and detoxifies skin, all helping to delay signs of ageing. It also increases energy… while reducing anxiety… plus boosts production of endorphins, or ‘happy’ hormones.


Becoming a sleeping beauty!

Sleep restores and heals. Creating a consistent bedtime routine – going to bed and getting up at a similar time - supports good sleep. Make your bedroom a peaceful place and somewhere you love to retreat to. Before bed is also the best time to do your Skin’ergy self-massage – repeat each movement 24 times to wind down, aid sleep… and wake up with a glowing, revitalised complexion.

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