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Bathing Beauty

Bathing is one of life’s great pleasures. Pure and simple. An established luxury and ritual, it's almost as famous in British culture as a cup of tea. What cannot be solved with a warm bath and a hot cuppa! At Slow Ageing Essentials we like to enjoy them frequently and with the nights getting longer everyone has the perfect excuse to indulge. 


The skin is your body’s biggest organ. With an average of five million sensory cells, skin tissue also has its own ‘language’, with neurotransmitters that constantly send messages between your skin and your brain. What your skin feels has a direct impact on how you feel, think and behave. So immersing yourself in water by way of a bath can have a profound effect on your wellbeing and performance. 


At Slow Ageing Essentials we think bathing at least once or twice a week (for a minimum of 15mins) is not only bliss but also gives you amazing health, beauty and wellbeing results. Here’s how to increase the power of these feel-good moments and make the most of those five million sensory cells: 


Keep it warm

We all have our own preferences when it comes to water temperature but our advice is to have it warm enough to achieve optimum blood and lymph circulation. That is, not so hot that you cause hives to break out on your skin (creating a histamine reaction in the body) or for your circulation to actually become sluggish. As with most things, it is all about balance.


Essential ingredients 

Essential oils are the perfect partners for baths (and even showers!). They come alive in the warmth and their properties become amplified. If an oil is anti-oxidant it becomes a super power, if an oil is anti-inflammatory it becomes a super soother, if it is a stimulant, then blood and lymph are encouraged to circulate more effectively.


The reason is essential oils are lipophilic (meaning they love other oils) and penetrate easily into the different layers of the skin either through or in-between the skin cells, whilst at the same time releasing their olfactory (smelling) powers.  The aromas of essential oils contain molecules that have a therapeutic effect on the hypothalamus of the brain in a way that synthetic molecules don’t. Therefore your choice of essential oils can support your focus and help you think more clearly, relax and calm an over active mind, stimulate the body for an activity or release tension in tired muscles. We think they are true miracle workers!


Perfect prep

Tempting as it is to slip straight in to a welcoming warm bath, try body brushing beforehand. Please, please give it a go! It makes a massive difference to the look and feel of your skin; it preps skin ready for your bath, stimulates lymph and blood flow and gets those sensory cells to stand up and listen.


Boost your bath

Then we have a uniquely beautiful way of amplifying the results of your soak. We recommend massaging half an inner capful of our Essential Bath Essence into skin before stepping into your bath - you can do that with our oil, as it is 100% natural. When the warm water touches skin it helps to activate the essential oils both therapeutically through the olfactory senses and with the skin too helping to precipitate their potent actions. The uplifting aromas of Rose Geranium, Cypress, Rosemary and Juniper essential oils will start the process of soothing the nerves and calming the mind.



 Add a further half a capful of our multi-sensorial oil into the bath for a truly dreamlike experience. The healing powers of our essential oils soak into the body to replenish skin whilst their anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-spasmodic properties help to rebalance skin concerns to restore the body’s natural vitality. Although having a shower might be about thinking, taking a bath is all about breathing. It is about switching the mind off and achieving a deep relaxation that many of us struggle to achieve. In fact some people find they cannot lie still in the bath and are almost itching to jump out as soon as they step in! To aid this relaxation we recommend doing a simple meditation. Meditation helps us to refocus, be still and leads to a better night’s sleep and a clearer mind… that in turn reflects in the health of our skin. Margot our founder has one that works brilliantly well. You can find it (I didn’t include a link to the guided meditation because I couldn’t find it on the site… any ideas where it might be?).


Prolong the bliss

To make the most of your clean, warm skin, massage in a body oil as soon as you are dry. Your skin will be at its most receptive to absorb as much of your chosen product as possible. We use hazelnut oil in our Essential Firming Body Essence as it has very fine molecules, which means you can get dressed straight after applying. Add to that our regenerating, rebalancing essential oils of Ho Wood and Ylang Ylang and skin will be left with a vibrant new radiance. It’s a win-win.