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Skincare for the season: Summer

We all feel better when the sun shines. It’s a deep-rooted and primal response that lifts our spirits and calls us to spend time outside. The sun is a giant ball of energy so naturally we feed off this, while sunlight triggers the production of serotonin – a natural mood lifter.

As well as enjoying the benefits of summer, it’s crucial to protect ourselves from seasonal skin issues. We’ve found these summer strategies let us enjoy the sunshine hours sensibly while ensuring our skin glows with good health too.

Scrub yourself radiant
For a true summer glow, dead skin cells need to be buffed away regularly. It’s a myth that you will ‘lose’ your tan if you use a scrub. Gentle exfoliation lifts away dry, lacklustre skin cells to reveal the brighter new ones underneath, meaning your skin looks radiant and fresh. Our Essential Face & Body Exfoliating Polish​ is a multi-tasking blend of ginger essential oil, natural orange and pomegranate exfoliants to re-energise and tone both face and body.

Slow ageing booster: ​Makeup lasts longer on exfoliated skin and with a more professional, dewy finish. Follow with moisturiser and shield freshly exfoliated skin with SPF.

Hydrate and nourish
Dehydration is common during the warmer seasons, whether you travel abroad or not. As well as drinking more fresh water (ideally a litre a day) try beginning each morning with a glass of filtered water and half a squeezed lemon for a detoxifying hydration booster. Next, quench parched skin with a deeply moisturising mask. Once or twice a week, mix one third ​Essential Face Balm​ with two thirds algae-rich Essential Moisturiser. Leave for five to ten minutes, then wipe away with a cloth or flannel rinsed in warm water. To nourish the body, massage in Firming Body Essence. The formula’s pure hazelnut seed oil gives skin a gorgeous sheen and prevents flaking while ylang ylang and ho wood essential oils rebalance moisture .

Soothe overexposure
No matter how careful you are, the strong summer sun can catch anyone out. If your face or body is feeling overexposed and tender, bombard the skin with antioxidant ingredients to help reverse any damage that may occur. Every Slow Ageing Essentials product is loaded with pure essential oils and soothing botanicals with free radical fighting antioxidants and calming anti-inflammatories. Gently massage into skin at the end of the day, then seek out shade while you recover. You could also lie back in a bath laced with soothing Essential Bath Essence. Vitamin E restores lost moisture while healing rose geranium calms skin in distress.

Glow from within
Summer is the ideal time for self-care. Get plenty of good quality sleep, enjoy lighter meals with brightly coloured fruits and veg and try to eat early to give your digestive system time to work before bed. Yoga is great at any time of year, but the aptly named sun salutations are particularly wonderful for stretching out and getting oxygen flowing on a bright morning. Like a moving form of meditation, this series of Asanas (postures) need only take a few minutes and are the best way to welcome a summer’s day we can think of.

Travel with Slow Ageing
If you’re flying away, our Discovery Collection ​is your perfect in-flight and holiday kit. These generous travel sizes contain a complete skin care ritual including our Facial Wash, Moisturiser, Essence and Balm, all under the 100ml liquid limit for hand luggage. Want more? If you’re enjoying a staycation and are not restricted by size constraints, then our ​Essential Collection​ boasts long-lasting full sizes of our four key products and a free 50ml Essential Moisturiser too.


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