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De-stress and nourish with a home facial

It’s more important than ever to take a moment for self care and a home facial is the perfect place to begin. it not only brings immediate comfort to skin but also has amazing long-term benefits for how we look and feel. Stress always shows in our skin, but the good news is, a home facial really couldn’t be easier. Here’s our version of a heavenly, restorative spa-style facial that will boost your skin as well as lift your spirits.

You will need:

Step 1: Set the Scene
If there are others sharing your home, let them know you are taking some time alone. Create a mini spa sanctuary in your bathroom, light a candle, put on some relaxing music and line up all the products you need so nothing will interrupt your flow. Try printing out this page so you can leave your phone in another room and be uninterrupted by the outside world.

Step 2: Deep Cleanse
This ensures skin will be receptive to everything else you’ll be applying. Take our Face Wash, fill the spatula 1/4 full and apply to the palm of your hand then mix with a little warm water. Lather over your entire face, neck and décolleté using circular motions, avoiding the eye area. Rinse away any excess with warm water and a damp cloth or flannel then pat dry.

Step 3: Exfoliate
This will continue the good work started by deep cleansing, ensuring the skin is left smooth and silky soft. Apply a spatula of Slow Ageing Exfoliating Polish to your palm, activate with a little warm water and massage with light pressure using small circular movements. Orange peel and ginger root powders lift away dry, dead skin cells and smooth rough patches. Wash away any excess with warm water and towel dry.

Step 4: Massage
This is probably the most important stage of your facial - and definitely the most blissful.Massage increases blood flow to deliver nutrients to the skin cells, and boosts lymph flow to flush away toxins. Your facial muscles will also get a great workout and ensure your products are perfectly absorbed and activated to restore and revitalise from within.

Take 4-6 drops of Essential Facial Essence into your palms, rub hands together, close your eyes and deeply inhale the heady scent three times to trigger your body’s natural relaxation response.

Follow our Skin’ergy massage technique:

  • Apply oil upwards and outwards with a light but definite pressure.
  • Massage up and down the meridian line.
  • Massage palm from brow to forehead.
  • Massage pads of fingers around the orbit of the eye.
  • Sweep finger pads under the eye from side to side.
  • Massage temples in an upward circular motion.
  • From the nose, sweep down and outwards along the meridian line
  • and up over the cheeks.
  • Pinch fingers either side of the jawline, massage chin to ear.
  • Three fingers on top lip, circular motion massage around mouth.
  • Massage in circular motion across the top lip; repeat for bottom lip.
  • Massage thumb and forefinger slowly up the neck and chin.
  • Finish by placing your hand on the opposite side of your chest,
  • massage up to the shoulder, swap sides and repeat.
  • Aim for 12 repeats of each stroke; this should last around 5 minutes.

Visit our Slow Motion Channel to watch Skin’ergy massage technique videos for every Slow Ageing Essentials product.

Step 5: Nourish
Finish your facial and seal in every other product by massaging in our intensive Face Balm, mixed with a few drops of the Essential Facial Essence to create a smooth mask. The essential oil formulas work in synergy to replenish cells without clogging the pores, while our powerful aromatherapy blends aid relaxation and sleep. Leave the mask on overnight to wake up refreshed and deeply hydrated with renewed skin texture.


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