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How To Own Amazing Autumn Skin

There’s no denying it; autumn is here. We love this time of year - it has a ‘new beginnings’ ring to it. It’s like a fresh start in many ways; the schools have gone back, clocks will soon be falling back and the golden haze of summer ripens into the burnished hues of autumn. Post-summer skin looking a little less than perfect? We have all the advice you need to rescue and rejuvenate it now!

Seize the beauty day by restoring any seasonal damage with gentle, moisture-drenching skincare plus expert tips and hacks. You’ll look and feel all the better for it and skin will be ideally prepped for any challenges the cooler months may bring.

As days shorten and temperatures dip there’s a lot you can do - and with very little effort - to repair damage from the scorching sun and heat of summer to get skin into the best possible condition to glow right through winter (and we mean ‘glow’ in the right way, no angry red cheeks here!). Here’s how:


R… is for Rescue. You know thatrough, dry skin which ‘mysteriously’ appears over the summer months? Cure it with an instantly soothing hydration hit. Lightweight formulas are ideal in the summer months but moving into colder climes means skin really will relish a bit of extra nourishment. A balm is the perfect go-to glow giver. With boosting butter and weather beating wax bases they are marvels for rescuing parched, tight or flaky skin. Cue Essential Face Balm; our miracle multi-tasker. Developed for use overnight to restore elasticity and smoothness to your complexion’s deepest layers, we find this trio blend of botanical Cocoa Seed and Shea butters plus Jojoba liquid wax also works wonderson heels and cuticles that may have taken a little ‘beach bashing’ in flip flops and open sandals! This multi-benefit nourisher leaves skin deftly repaired and silky smooth, imparting a gorgeous subtle sheen along the way. Even better, you’ll only need a pea-sized amount as it really does go a long way.

 Top tip: Face Balm is a boon for dried out, chapped lips and the backs of hands too. Even smooth a little over flyaway hairs (especially those stubborn greys that insist on standing to attention!) or on sun-frazzled ends. 


E… is for Exfoliate. Maintaining that sun-kissed glow is made all the easier with exfoliation. Although it seems like this will achieve the opposite, by gently sloughing away dry, dead skin cells you’ll expose the fresh new ones underneath, enhancing your tan and giving skin a super-healthy luminosity. It also puts cell renewal on speed dial, encouraging skin cells to renew faster and more efficiently, a process that slows down as we age. This keeps skin looking naturally vital and radiant – and we’re sure that’s something on everyone’s autumn wish list! Our Essential Face & Body Exfoliating Polish is gentle yet potent, leaving all skin types brighter, smoother and feeling alive all over. With natural exfoliants Pomegranate, Ginger and Orange blended in a base of pure Coconut oil, simply mix with a little water and massage over skin. Zingy essential oils including Orange, Ginger and Frankincense simultaneously work their magic by increasing blood and oxygen supply. The result? A velvety softness and envy-inducing radiance that’s simply addictive.


S… is for Slather! Drenching skin in moisture-loving pure botanical and essential oils will boost any reduced hydration levels after an overdose of sun and sea. They will also help prep skin for the seasonal dip in temperatures, ensuring it retains its suppleness and doesn’t dry out further (as well as helping to maintain that sought after golden glow). Begin with some top-to-toe TLC using Essential Bath Essence. Either pour a capful into a warm bath or smooth half a capful over skin before showering. With its ultra-nourishing base of pure Hazelnut Seed oil, rich in skin-plumping essential fatty acids (EFAs), anti-ageing and anti-inflammatory squalene and anti-oxidant, reparative Vitamin E, it transforms lacklustre skin layer after layer. We’re also blown away by the uplifting olfactory benefits of 4 deliciously decadent and relaxing 100% pure essential oils. With Rose Geranium, Cypress and Juniper, it really does take soothing senses to another level. Follow with its regenerating partner Essential Firming Body Essence. This potent blend of 5 invigorating, renewing essential oils including Rosemary and Ho Wood - plus nurturing Hazelnut Seed oil - ‘seals in’ the goodness of the Bath Essence AND actively tones and firms skin thanks to its expertly balanced infusion of natural vitalisers. Use it all over for a sumptuously silky sheen; its light as air formula sinks in immediately meaning you can get dressed straight away too (whether that’s jeans, joggers… or pjs!).

 Top tip: Don’t be tempted to reach for a towel to dry skin after bathing or showering; instead leave it fresh and dewy and double up the duo’s hydrating benefits by massaging Essential Firming Body Essence in to damp skin. This restoring, velvetising elixir ensures lasting moisture retention for healthier skin that retains itsradiance.


C… is for Counteract. However careful you might have been in the summer, UV light will have depleted some of your natural moisture reserves. Counteract this loss of nourishment and reboot skin with an Essential Face Balm treatment mask. Simply mix 1/3 Face Balm with 2/3 Essential Moisturiser and massage all over face, neck and even décolletage. You can rinse it off after 5-10 mins or even leave it on for skin to soak up all the restoring nutrients if it is really dry. Use it anytime, 2-3 times a week, until skin looks and feels super supple again. Of course the most intensive boost you can give parched skin is with a simple home facial… our 4 to flawless! Start with an ultra-clean base by blitzing away impurities and dead skin cells with Essential Face Wash for an amazingly fresh and ideally prepped complexion. Then enjoy 5 mins of heavenly yet highly targeted ‘Skin-ergy self massage’ using our skincare hero, Essential Facial Essence (12 simple steps with 12 repeats per stroke – see our ‘how to guide’ video for the exact method). This deeply nourishing and restoring facial oil has been specifically developed to create the ideal consistency for massage. By following our bespoke series of energising yet relaxing movements developed by Co-Founder Margot, skin will not only be nourished at its deepest layers but oxygen, blood and lymph flow will all be increased for improved circulation and cell renewal. The effectiveness of any subsequent products you apply will be doubled as well. Enjoying your home facial in the day? Then finish with Essential Face Moisturiser for a protective daylong base that’s a perfect makeup primer too. If you’re winding down at the end of the day complete the bliss with our spa-in-a-jar, Essential Balm, then drift off to sleep. Ahhhhhhhhhhh


U… is for Upping Vitamin D levels! The sun’s been giving us all we need of this vitality vitamin during the summer but as daylight hours start to decrease - especially from October - you may need to take a supplement to preserve these important levels. Vitamin D has many key roles in the body. As well as helping to maintain healthy bones and skin (especially after the menopause), it even helps to ‘reverse’ UV accelerated skin ageing. For a truly holistic approach, increase your levels of the most Vitamin D laden foods too. Oily fish, egg yolks, mushrooms, milk, orange juice and fortified cereals are all excellent sources. Oily fish are also high in long-chain Omega 3 essential fatty acids, which are key to both good skin – and good mental health – especially key as daylight hours shorten. In fact studies show that a diet high in EFAs actually helps to lessen the effects of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).


E… is for Exercise.Try to avoid the temptation to start spending less time outside simply because it’s not as warm or dry. We all find it easier to be more active when the weather’s good but even when it’s not so great, aim to maintain activitywith a form of exercise you love. It’s such a great time of year to start something new – a mini ‘new year’ if you like – so why not make it a resolution to move your body more? This doesn’t have to mean committing to hours at a gym or health club; look at gentle types of exercise like walking and swimming or more meditative forms of movement such as yoga, Tai Chi and Qui Gong that are hugely beneficial for emotional as well as physical stress. Aside from the improvements to physical health, immersing yourself in nature, such as going for a walk in the woods, is one of the most powerful mental lifts you can give yourself. Studies show that it not only improves mood but also reduces stress while boosting confidence and self-esteem. Interested to find out more? Check out our blog by forest bathing coach Samantha Wright.