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Skincare for the season: Autumn

Autumn has a deliciously ‘new term’ feel about it. As the clocks fall back and the golden haze of summer ripens into burnished hues, our skincare routine can benefit from a seasonal switch-up too. Just a few simple tricks can help restore parched post-summer skin and prep our complexions for any challenges the colder months may bring.

R... is for Rescue.
Have you ever experienced patches of rough, dry skin that mysteriously appear over the summer months? If so, you need an extra hydration hit and our ​Essential Face Balm​ is the perfect nourishing glow giver. Developed to restore elasticity and smoothness to your complexion’s deepest layers, this trio of botanical cocoa seed and shea butters plus jojoba liquid wax also works wonders on dry cuticles, chapped lips and heels that have taken a ‘beach bashing’ in sandals.

E... is for Exfoliate.
Exfoliation speeds up natural cell renewal, a process that slows down as we age. This will help keep shift parched post-summer skin cells, keeping your complexion naturally radiant. Our ​Essential Face & Body Exfoliating Polish​ is gentle yet potent, leaving all skin types brighter and smoother. Mix with water and massage over skin so the zingy orange, ginger and frankincense essential oils can work their magic by increasing blood and oxygen supply.

S... is for Slather
Our skin can feel tight and parched after an overdose of sun and sea, but pure essential oils offer an all-over suppleness boost. Begin with some top-to-toe TLC using E​ssential Bath Essence​. Either pour a capful into a warm bath​ or smooth half a capful over skin before showering. With its base of pure hazelnut seed oil, rich in skin-plumping essential fatty acids, plus anti-inflammatory squalene and reparative Vitamin E, it transforms lacklustre skin layer after layer.

C... is for Counteract.
However careful you might have been in the summer, UV light is likely to have depleted some of your skin’s moisture reserves. Counteract this loss of nourishment and reboot with a treatment mask. Mix one third Essential Face Balm​ with two thirds E​ssential Moisturise​r and massage all over the face, neck and décolleté. Rinse after five to ten minutes or leave it on overnight for extra-deep nourishment.

Slow ageing booster: Not in a rush? Try our Slow Ageing Essentials ​home facial ​ritual.

U... is for Upping Vitamin D
As well as helping to maintain healthy bones and skin (especially after the menopause), Vitamin D can reverse UV-accelerated skin ageing. As daylight hours decrease you may wish to take a supplement to boost your levels. For a holistic approach, increase your intake of Vitamin D laden foods like oily fish, egg yolks, mushrooms, milk and fortified cereals. Oily fish is also high in long-chain Omega 3 essential fatty acids, which are integral to good skin and good mental health.

E... is for Exercise.
Try to avoid the temptation to spend less time outside simply because it’s not as warm or dry. Aim to maintain activity with a form of exercise you love. This doesn’t have to be hours at a gym; look at gentle types of exercise like walking and swimming or more meditative forms of movement such as yoga, Tai Chi and Qui Gong. Aside from physical health, choosing to immerse yourself in nature - such as going for a walk in the woods - is one of the most powerful natural mood-boosters we have at our disposal.


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