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The right to age well – whatever your background, race, gender, interests, skin type – is everyone’s. We live in exciting times, an era when it’s never been so acceptable to just be yourself. It’s about taking care of ourselves more, loving ourselves more, being more comfortable in our own skins – and that skin looking and feeling the best it can.

Slow ageing is energy, it is vitality, it is strength.


The philosophy of Slow Ageing Essentials is based on increasing energy levels through the entire body by embracing a holistic approach to well-being. In order to look your best on the outside, you have to feel your best on the inside. Enhance its skin-boosting effects by following a lifestyle that incorporates self-care, a balanced, anti-oxidant rich diet – with lots of fresh water – regular gentle exercise and plenty of restful sleep. All of this will show on your skin; it will simply look better.

"Celebrate long term graceful health”. Slow Ageing Essentials


Small daily routines help us to create a space for presence and purpose. Our Skin’ergy massage technique is designed to harness your internal energy pathways and ensure they are working in harmony, or take five minutes with our Slow Ageing Essentials Guided Meditation to find a moment of inner calm, any time.


Eat as close to nature as possible; the nutrients in our food are the fuel for our bodies and nourishment for our cells.

Aim to make food delicious. Eat whole foods in their most natural form and variety. Fill at least half your plate with colourful, high-fibre vegetables and include bright fruits like berries. These contain plenty of anti-oxidants and phytochemicals (plant based, naturally health boosting compounds), which contribute to your health in an infinite number of ways. Make water your new favourite drink! Start your day by hydrating your body with a large glass of water containing the juice of ½ a freshly squeezed lemon, or just plain water. Drink at least a litre of water a day.


Find a movement you love and commit to it daily. Celebrate what your body can do.

Tai Chi, Qui Gong, Walking, Swimming; Regular exercise can make you happier by increasing production of endorphins, which help to produce positive feelings and reduce anxiety levels.The body also detoxifies via perspiration and circulation improves. Engaging in an activity you enjoy increases energy levels and provides anti-oxidant protection as well as promoting blood flow, which can protect skin and delay signs of ageing. Exercise can also help your memory and brain health as well as relaxation and sleep quality.

"Energise, strengthen and take care of our bodies”.

Slow Ageing Essentials


Sleep restores and heals the whole body.

Try to create a consistent bedtime routine that in turn leads to healthy sleep. The hours before midnight are the most beneficial and waking up at a similar time daily is key. Turn your bedroom into a place of peace, whatever your environment make it somewhere you love to retreat to. The most effective Slow Ageing Essentials Skin’ergy Massage you can do is at nighttime. This is when taking the time to repeat each movement 24 times not only gives amazing benefits to your complexion but also it becomes your own personal ritual, a treat at the end of the day. And finally no technology. Put everything at least out of arms reach or at best out of the room entirely.

"Sleep is free and the most restorative treatment for our whole bodies, but it can be elusive, create your own bedtime rituals to encourage restful nights”. Slow Ageing Essentials

Slow Ageing Essentials


Slow Ageing Essentials contain bespoke blends of only the purest and most potent essential oils; these are the life force of botanicals and have been chosen for their skin boosting benefits. Easily absorbed, they actively improve the quality of skin cells, neutralising free radicals and encouraging optimum new skin cell growth – this means a more radiant, vital and luminous complexion. Each product can be applied using our ‘Skin’ergy Self-Massage Regime’ that employs the power of touch to stimulate acupressure and meridian energy pathways. This cleanses toxins out of the dermis whilst stimulating more blood, oxygen and nutrients to the surface of the skin. You can see the benefits - a stronger, plumper and more energised complexion.