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Welcome to the beauty of S L O W. Our approach to ageless beauty is honest, straightforward and it works - regardless of age, skin type and ethnicity. Six core beliefs underpin what makes us really different… and explain how we can deliver your best skin, today and forever. It’s a manifesto – and we call them our 6 secrets to slow.

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A fast world needs S.L.O.W skin.


We are Slow-age, not ‘anti-age’. Our choice instead is to redefine skincare to promote ageless beauty, Slow Ageing Essentials enables customers to look and feel their very best – with skin that is in great condition. Our products work with the skin’s natural defences to slow the signs of ageing. The results are written all over your face!

Slow down the impact of pollution and external aggressors.  Slow down inflammation and its negative impact.  Slow down the damage to the surface of skin cells.  Slow down the impact of stress, poor diet, lack of exercise and health issues.  Slow down the 5 million sensory cells in the biggest organ in your body.

'To be ‘anti-ageing’ makes no more sense than being ‘anti-life’. We call on major outlets, magazines and the beauty industry. To re-focus their ageing narrative on opportunities to be embraced rather than processes to be 'resisted'. Royal Society of Public Health – That Age-Old Question June 2018.


Powered by plants so they have an affinity with skin and are less likely to irritate, our ingredients harness natural actives that have proved their beauty worth for centuries.

Super Powered Anti-oxidants such as Neroli and Roman Chamomile disarm damaging free radicals for stronger, more resilient skin.

Natural Topical Circulatory Stimulants such as Rosemary and Lemon Verbena boost circulation, bringing oxygen, blood and nutrients to the skin’s surface to detoxify and brighten.

Nutrient Rich Extracts such as Hazelnut Oil, Cocoa and Shea Butters contain essential fatty acids, vitamins and lipids to deeply moisturise, repair and soften for silky soft, supple skin.

Discover the difference in one skin renewal.


Our unique Skin’ergy self-massage progressively maximises the smoothness and tone of your skin. It amplifies the effectiveness of Slow Ageing Essentials to double their results. This lifting, rejuvenating facial massage focuses on pressure points and meridian lines, gently releasing blocked energy pathways to boost blood and lymph flow for brighter, healthier skin. By reactivating your skin’s energy and vitality from within, its surface is left silky smooth and wide-awake.

This bespoke ritual also stimulates and exercises facial muscles, tightening and firming to eliminate signs of stress and tiredness – so you look like the best version of yourself. Gentle pressure ‘pushes’ the products further into the skin’s layers, transporting essential oils direct to the skin cells to neutralise ageing free radicals and trigger healthy new cell production. Simple to master, there’s a Skin’ergy routine to suit everyone’s skincare schedule, taking from just 30 secs to 3 minutes. The results are clear – just like your skin will be.

"I loved the massaging everyday. A great way to start the day and so relaxing coming up to bedtime" Deborah P: 36-45

30 day results or refund!


Our skincare has scruples; you’ll find integrity in everything we do – and no compromises. The Slow Ageing range is 100% effective and each and every ingredient is only there because it improves the quality of your skin. It’s as simple as that.

Active. Potent. Pure. Our ‘less is more’ approach guarantees authentic formulations that work in synergy to achieve your smoothest, firmest, clearest, most radiant skin and then maintain it, day after day. We guarantee the efficacy of our formulations - if you don’t see a difference in 30 days (that’s one skin renewal cycle) we will refund your money. With absolutely no fuss. We call it honest skincare – with honest results. Try slow… you’ve nothing to lose - and better skin to gain.

"I have had so many compliments over the
last few weeks, many friends have asked where I have my facials because my skin looks so good. My skin looks so alive and is so smooth to touch".
Sarah: 44

We are clever, clean & green.


We’re a force of nature. Skincare that’s closest to nature has to be better for our skin as well as the planet. We use only the finest, purest, most active essential oils and botanicals. They are 100% clean, 100% authentic, 100% sustainably and responsibly sourced – and 100% effective (or your money back). We’re clever, clean… and green! Our aim? A ‘clean beauty’ movement – even if that’s one bottle at a time. We don’t just play this lip service; we passionately care about the health of our planet and want to avoid adding to the problem. Slow skincare has a clear beauty conscience. We believe it’s the only choice and lead by example.

Our eco credentials speak for themselves. For example, we use 100% recyclable glass bottles and jars and don’t use outer packaging for the products… we wrap them in a beautiful reusable cloth bag instead. We also make our products in the UK using sustainably sourced 100% pure essential oils and naturally derived ingredients (you won’t find any SLS, SLES, mineral or palm oils).

"In view of the quality and benefits of each essential oil used... skin should look brighter and younger. Moreover, the oils used will have an additional olfactory action of increased wellbeing". Dr Pierre Albano: Doctor of Aromatherapy

7 products and 2 treatments because less is more.


There’s beauty in simplicity. Who’s got the time for complicated, time-consuming routines? Not us – life’s already busy enough! Your skincare shouldn’t feel like another task on an overloaded to-do list so de-clutter and make way for increased radiance and vitality, on every age, skin type and ethnicity of skin.

The Slow Ageing range is capsule beauty at its best. Streamlined and simple it’s your essential skincare edit. Like most women, our products are master multi-taskers; all you need are 4 products for face and 3 for body. As part of this pared down beauty ethos, every product has been formulated to bring out the best in the others making any additional products obsolete.

"I am using less makeup for the first time in years; haven’t used a concealer for weeks".
Kathy M: 46-55

Dermatologists agree that bombarding skin with too many different products can cause sensitivity and reactions. Mid-life, menopausal and maturing skins are particularly prone. The answer? The fewer the products, the purer their ingredients, the better your skin will behave… and the happier it will look and feel. No complicated regimes. No synthetic ingredients. No hassle. Just skin in better condition. And that’s something we all want.

"Over the last year, 28% of women have reduced the number of products in their facial skincare routine, with young millennials (54%) most likely to have simplified their routines".
MINTEL, ‘Keeping it simple’ November 2019