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What is Skin’ergy®?

Albert Einstein said, “energy is everything", and to David and Margot this means energy everywhere, from the natural world to inside our own bodies. Good energy reserves are crucial for a long and healthy life, helping us feel vital and live our time on this planet to its fullest. This is why we have created our bespoke Skin’ergy massage, bringing together our personal philosophy of energy with the path to better skin.

The benefits of facial massage

Massage is as old as mankind, a wonderful way to relax and re-energise our body and spirit. It also plays a significant role in Ayurvedic and traditional Chinese medicine. Massage stimulates the body’s natural energy pathways, releasing blockages and triggering beneficial changes along the central nervous system. This can enhance so many aspects of our lives, from overall health to mental wellbeing.

As well as mental and physical harmony, massage acts as a daily workout for the skin by stimulating our 43 facial muscles and increasing circulation, or Prana. In yoga, Prana means life force or energy. It’s a way of increasing circulation to get more oxygen and nutrients into the skin for a natural glow. Massage also stimulates the face’s lymph glands, helping to flush away toxins to drain away the fluid retention that can cause puffiness.

Facial massage can also help you get the very best from your Slow Ageing Essentials products. Gentle pressure will push the formula into the skin’s upper layers for increased absorption, which is particularly beneficial when using essential oil products. Every essential oil has its own special properties, which once delivered to the skin’s deepest layers and into the bloodstream will communicate with cells and work to their full potential.

Our Skin’ergy® massage

David and Margot have long included self-massage as part of their health and wellbeing regimes, and have created a simple, bespoke routine for Slow Ageing Essentials. This Skin’ergy massage is a perfect grounding ritual to connect with yourself and your skin.

Visit our Slow Motion Channel ​to watch Skin’ergy massage technique videos for every Slow Ageing Essentials product.


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