David and Margot are fascinated by the way energy works. There’s a quote from Einstein that they both find inspiring – "energy is everything". They like it so much its been included here on the Slow Ageing site! They mean energy everywhere, from the natural world to inside our own bodies. Good energy reserves are so important for a long and healthy life. These reserves help us feel so much more alive and allow us to enjoy the time we have on this planet so much more as well.

“Energy is everything” 

Massage is as old as mankind; a wonderful way to relax and re-energise body and spirit. It also plays a significant role in Ayurvedic and traditional Chinese medicine, or TCM. Massage is really remarkable for stimulating the body’s natural energy pathways, which trigger changes along the central nervous system. There are so many benefits, from better overall health to greater wellbeing – and it’s surprisingly simple to do yourself.

Self-massage is ideal for helping any products you’ve applied to work more efficiently as well. The pressure you use helps to ‘push’ the products into the skin’s upper layers, the epidermis, helping them fully absorb... just by using the pads of your fingertips. Massage is especially important when you are applying products containing essential oils. All essential oils have their own special benefits. So that they can work to their best potential, essential oils need to be delivered to the skin’s deepest layers and into the bloodstream. Once there, they can actually communicate with the cells and transfer their benefits. 

David and Margot have long included self-massage as part of their health and wellbeing regimes. It brings mental and physical harmony and can even act a little like a ‘daily workout’ for skin. It was this that started them thinking about how they could incorporate a specific and bespoke self-massage routine into Slow Ageing Essentials. They came up with the term ‘Skin’ergy’, which we all feel sums it up, linking the idea of having better skin with the idea of increased energy. 

The 'Skin’ergy self-massage' feels so calming and grounding that it’s idyllic to do before bed each night. This is the time to slow down when there’s less mental traffic, less physical movement; something to really look forward to at the end of the day. It’s just so relaxing. It really helps you to connect with yourself, a bit like pressing the ‘power off’ button! Humans are such complex beings and the Skin’ergy application technique is rather like taking a mental ‘shower’ – to cleanse the day away.

“Facial exercise is well recognised as being a great way to smooth and help tighten skin ” 

Everyone’s wellbeing routines are very personal. Some like to shower every night before getting into bed. If this is you, try massaging in our Essential Facial Essence just after your shower. This is ideal for starting the process of switching off. We include essential oils in our products because of their wonderful ability to also act on your olfactory senses, your sense of smell. They can affect how you feel instantly, as they stimulate the emotional part of your brain. Ours have been chosen very carefully, selecting essential oils that give incredible skin benefits as well as enhancing wellbeing. Facial Essence includes ylang ylang, which is balancing for oily skin but also intensely floral to inhale, with euphoric benefits. Invigorating and stimulating rosemary has a woodier aroma while sweetly scented Roman chamomile is calming and soothing, to both skin and senses. 

During the 'Skin’ergy self-massage', not only are the formulations absorbed fully but your facial muscles also get exercised… and facial exercise is well recognised as being a great way to smooth and help tighten skin by increasing circulation or Prana. In yoga, Prana is life force or energy; it’s a way of increasing circulation to get more oxygen and therefore iron into skin. The face has 43 muscles and these don’t move like the muscles in our limbs. Stimulating meridians on the face also releases natural energy pathways that may be blocked, helping to activate organs and systems around the body. 

By helping to open up these natural energy channels you will also improve blood circulation, bringing more oxygen to your skin cells and your complexion. You’ll get an immediate healthy glow from it and we believe a relaxed face naturally looks rejuvenated. A good example is the sweeping under eye movement. This area indicates your kidneys and dark shadows here mean they are not getting enough water. We believe focusing on your inner health shows so much on the outside. Facial massage really helps you feel revitalised - and brings out its natural luminosity. 

Massage stimulates the face’s lymph glands too, helping to flush away toxins and excess fluid. This helps reduce puffiness as much of this is due to poor circulation and inflammation. As you massage, the facial muscles slowly become ‘looser’. You can then help smooth the toxins away using your fingertips, encouraging them to drain away down the neck. Use a medium to firm pressure – you need a good presence on the skin. Why not give it a go… we think you’ll love it!