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Get Holly’s Gorgeous Glow here…

Ever wondered how Holly Willoughby’s skin always looks so effortlessly radiant? Her makeup artist, Patsy O’Neill, shared all in an Instagram post featured in the Daily Telegraph online… and part of Holly’s youthful skin secret lies with her morning moisturising routine, which includes prepping with Slow Ageing Essential Moisturiser.


“With natural skin-tightening seaweed polyphenols and anti-oxidants that defend skin from pollution, UV light and stress, it [Slow Ageing Essential Moisturiser] conveniently doubles as a make-up base and supercharges the ‘sinks-in’ rate of whatever facial essence you use underneath”. 


You can read the full article here and, to get your hands on your own jar of spring skincare magic, click here to buy Essential Moisturiser  and receive a FREE 10ml travel size* (that’s one for your bathroom, one for your gym bag).


Our moisturiser is now £50, but to make sure you can still achieve Holly's glow for the same price (£45) use code: Get-Holly’s-Glow at the checkout.


It's the perfect time of year for upgrading your moisturiser so skin maintains a healthy glow despite the changes in temperature and climate. Loaded with buzz beauty botanical, sea algae (which also helps restore the skin’s natural protective barrier), Essential Moisturiser is expertly balanced to be light enough not to overload but nourishing enough to suit even dry and sensitive skin types. It makes a sublime primer for makeup, too – so no surprise it’s our best seller!


*10% off + Free travel size while stocks last. One time purchases only - not available on subscription plans.

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