Sarah Stacey: Getting My Slow On

Sarah Stacey: Getting My Slow On

Posted by Hannah Harbottle on

I start each morning by… 

Saying ‘thank you’ – for everything really. Being alive, hot water from the tap, my husband bringing me that first wonderful cup of tea – just so many good things and good people that far outweigh the problems (real as those are sometimes).


Every day, without exception, I... 

Have a protein-packed breakfast; eggs, smoked salmon, avocado, spelt crispbread or toast on weekends.


If I was to sit with my younger self…

I would say it’s okay to be vulnerable, to tell people how you feel truly – and always, always to listen properly to what they say and respond to them.


Every evening I…

Cleanse my face thoroughly and do teeth, which makes me wind down. I kiss my husband the moment I get into bed and then read ‘til I fall asleep. If I wake in the night with a racing brain, I do deep belly breathing and squish some This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray on my pillow – usually that does it. If not, I make hot milk with honey, cinnamon and nutmeg and read: we all used to sleep in chunks and it’s not something to fret about.


Yoga, meditation and a digital detox all help me…

Centre myself deep in my body and breathe and live in the flow of the present moment. When my Arab horse and I first got together he was so mad he’d been returned as dangerous by two would-be owners. The only way I discovered to calm him (and me, ‘cos he was scary!) was to create a breathing circle with him: inhaling up from his body to mine, gently holding the breath, then exhaling right down to the ground through both our bodies. To my amazement he responded almost instantly and sometimes used to echo the exhale himself, blowing out breath through his nostrils and mouth.


My #HappyPlace is…

Driving to the country sitting beside my husband and seeing his crinkly smile, and being with my horses there - leaning my forehead on theirs and feeling their amazing energy.


At every opportunity I…

Walk, cook, have a bath - all three of them – both when I’m happy… and when I’m sad!


Sarah Stacey is author/editor with Jo Fairley of the Beauty Bible series of books and



We’re thrilled to shout from the rooftops that Slow Ageing’s blissful Facial Essence and Bath Essence have just been announced Silver winners in the 24th Beauty Bible Awards. Created by Sarah and fellow Slow Coach, Jo, the Beauty Bible celebrates ‘real health and beauty for grown ups’ and we are thrilled to have scooped two of their prized annual awards. Tested by real women, in real life, to discover the beauty world’s very best performing products, the 2020 Awards are a huge stamp of approval on formulations that we absolutely believe in - and think you’ll adore too!

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