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Myth or Mantra? Skincare sayings demystified

Do you feel bombarded with information about how you should, or should not, be looking after your skin? In the interests of keeping things simple – and making the most of your precious time – at Slow Ageing Essentials we have been debunking 10 old (and new) skincare myths and suggesting skincare mantras that really work.


1. The term anti-ageing is as powerful today as it has always been - myth or mantra? 

MYTH: From the many women we have spoken to and those who have regular treatments with our therapists, we have to say no, it's not. Here at Slow Ageing we are all firmly in the #proage camp - and proud to be so! From research and our own experience we believe #Slowbeauty is the NEW #anti-ageing. To us, the term ‘anti-ageing’ has always had a slightly uncomfortable edge to it, as if somehow it is wrong to get older – it is kind of ‘anti-life' if you really think about it. Yes, we want to look our very best with skin that’s radiant, clear and glowing with health but we are certainly not obsessed with trying to turn back time (a fairly pointless exercise anyway!). We would rather channel icons like Helen Mirren and Charlotte Rampling by embracing the concept that older need not mean any less gorgeous, alluring, confident or fulfilled. We are comfortable with our wiser, more grown up selves thank you! The key is balanced living backed by really effective, botanical skincare and it is with this mantra that we are redefining ageless beauty. You really cannot lose because at Slow Ageing we also promise real results in 30 days or we will refund your order. It really is a foolproof way to discover that inner confidence and contentment with who you are now is far more beautiful than anything you will find in a jar in the future!


2. There's a correct way to exfoliate your body - myth or mantra?

MANTRA: Well who knew?! There is actually a correct way to exfoliate and we will give you a clue; a quick swipe of polish over your limbs in the bath or shower isn't it! Secondly, you do not need to be exfoliating your body more than once a week either. So what is the right way? Best practice is to massage a small scoop of a botanical buffer like Essential Face and Body Exfoliating Polish in small circles all over your skin. Always try to start at your feet (ticklish anyone?!), including your heels and inner edges of the soles, as this makes a big difference to your all-over circulation as well as your skin’s smoothness. Next move around your anklebones using your thumbs and then carry on up over shins. Go gently here as skin tends to be thinner compared to the rest of your body. Continue around the ‘fleshy’ sides and backs of your knees and up over thighs and hips, always in gentle circular movements and with long, swift upwards strokes towards your heart. This will give you the best results as it triggers that all-important lymphatic drainage, which helps to expel toxins as well as boost a sluggish microcirculation for clearer, more evenly toned skin. Our beautiful buttery polish is crammed with botanical super-smoothers including zingy ginger, pomegranate and orange to naturally banish any dry, rough bits to leave skin with a velvety finish. Lastly we like to follow up with our vitalising Firming Body Essence. Brimming with skin toning and renewing 100% pure essential oils like lemon verbena and rosemary, it really helps to double down the lymphatic drainage and ‘lock-in’ moisture leaving skin re-energised and invitingly silky soft.


3. One for the gents… using an oil for shaving can cause spots - myth or mantra?

MYTH: In actual fact using an oil offers much more 'slip', softens the beard and greatly reduces friction for a far closer shave and smoother finish. Award-winning Facial Essence is the perfect choice. Like our entire range, this potent blend with pure hazelnut oil ensures optimum razor glide and lasting hydration benefits while pure ylang ylang and rosemary essential oils soothe any nicks or cuts and Roman chamomile swiftly relieves irritations. Sebo-regulating ylang ylang also knows exactly where the skin does (and does not) need moisture so no fear of clogging pores or encouraging spots here! Massaging in a small amount post-shave ensures skin feels comfortable and nourished too. Top this off with a layer of protective Face Moisturiser and you will look and feel healthily fresh-faced throughout the day.

Top top: It is also a myth that oily skin does not need or respond well to a facial oil. Ingredients such as ylang ylang can actively rebalance and regulate sebum levels to encourage a more even complexion… without adding oiliness.


4. Products with multiple ingredients deliver better results than those with fewer ingredients - myth or mantra? 

MYTH: Skin can easily feel bombarded and become overwhelmed when you apply a mix of many different active ingredients. This can also counteract the effect of some of their benefits and more often than not can lead to skin becoming irritated as well. We are big fans of a 'less is more' approach so our capsule range combines just 3 powerfully active ingredient systems in every product:

  1. Supercharged anti-oxidants like lemon verbena and rosemary neutralise skin-damaging free radicals.
  2. Topical circulatory stimulants including ginger and orange bring blood, oxygen and nutrients to the skin for a healthy, bright glow.
  3. Essential fatty acids, vitamins and lipids deeply hydrate and protect making skin a more resilient barrier and with added ‘bounce’.

5. You risk overloading your skin if you use too many products – myth or mantra?


MANTRA: We say it's time to ditch the nine-step routine! More products simply do not equate to a ‘better’ and more effective skincare routine. Just as you can overload and confuse skin with too many different ingredient systems, incorporating an excessive amount of stages into your routine can also lead to irritation…. as well as taking far too long. Instead, our #slowbeautyexperts recommend a streamlined edit of products that perfectly fit your skin’s needs. By choosing your skincare wisely you can remove steps – and save time – by using products that offer multi-purpose functions. Each product in the Slow Ageing range works double (or even triple) duty to ensure maximum improvement and maintenance to your skin. We have a simple ‘4 steps to 5* skin’ daily mantra to do just that. From a deeply cleansing Face Wash that blitzes grime and impurities and a rebalancing, energising Facial Essence to a protective, algae-rich daily Face Moisturiser and nightly regenerating Balm to reset and renew skin as you sleep. This way your skin is given everything it needs – and nothing it doesn't. Skin misbehaving? You can also check out our quick and easy online Skin’ergy Consultation to find your perfect, personalised prescription as well as speedy skin-saving tips that will not overwhelm skin.


6. Your skincare routine should differ during the day vs. the evening - myth or mantra?

MANTRA: Respecting and working with the daily cycle of your skin is key. During the day complexions can become stressed as they are exposed to dirt, oil production, makeup, UV rays and other pollutants. Each and every day this incredible organ takes on the role of prime protector - a barrier that helps keep these irritants out and precious water in. Begin with deep cleansing followed by simple facial massage with an anti-oxidant rich oil blend and then add a layer of protection with an elasticising daily nourisher. Come nighttime the focus shifts dramatically to repair and recuperation as while you sleep cells repair and renew. Your nightly routine therefore plays a big part in how well skin can heal and repair itself, which means more vital-looking skin for the long term. Once the day’s pollution and grime has been washed away using a gentle foaming cleanser, nightly massage will stimulate lymphatic drainage, intensely relax skin and ensure a fatty acid-rich restorative balm like Face Balm penetrates deep down to nurture and revive cells overnight. Avoid a moisturiser at night as this can clog pores and inhibit the skin’s natural ‘breathing’ process, which is an essential part of repair. Our #slowbeautyexperts advise that if all else fails - stick to this one golden rule: AM routine = protection; PM routine = regeneration! 


7. Taking a bath lowers blood pressure - myth or mantra?

MANTRA: Studies have shown that a short, 10 mins soak in a hot bath can actually temporarily lower blood pressure. This is because hot baths, spas and saunas may trigger the opening or relaxation of blood vessel walls, a condition called vasodilation. What better excuse do you need to lie back and enjoy a pampering, transformative bath that is steeped in an elixir of essential oils such as blissful Essential Bath Essence?! However, a commonsense precaution is to consult your doctor if you do suffer from a heart condition because a hot bath can also increase the rate of your heartbeat.


8. Signs of dehydration in the skin can be mistaken for wrinkles - myth or mantra?

MANTRA: A lack of hydration can cause skin to appear thinner and drier, taking on a ‘crepey’ appearance and even leaving traces of fine lines. When dehydrated, your skin loses its ability to retain moisture and bounce back, causing it to look sallow, dull and dare we say it older! This can happen due to a lack of water, drinking alcohol, dry weather conditions, smoking and sun damage, amongst other factors. So how can you tell the difference between real wrinkles and dehydration lines? Simple — the latter are often finer and more superficial. Real wrinkles are caused by a lack of collagen and are therefore deeper, unlike dehydration lines, which can be improved by upping your water intake and improving nourishment levels in your skincare. Wrinkles, however, do not fluctuate on a day-by-day basis; they are simply there. Our advice? Always make sure you drink plenty of fresh water, eat nourishing, hydrating foods and moisturise religiously. Our daily Essential Face Moisturiser is algae based and loaded with skin-tightening polyphenols, amino acids and vitamins making it a super-softening and barrier-restoring daytime protector, which leaves skin oozing health and vitality. At night, our ultra-rich, regenerating Face Balm – with a trio of elasticising natural butters and botanical oils – delivers nourishment and hydration to the skin’s deepest layers for ultimate plumping and smoothing, all while you rest.


9. If I truly want ageless skin I need to use Retinol - myth or mantra?

MYTH: Retinol is a powerful anti-oxidant and we know that anti-oxidants are vitally important in fighting the effect of free radicals on the skin. Indeed, just a few drops of retinol can improve the skin’s texture, tone and pigmentation. However, such is its potency that it is also known to sometimes cause drying and flakiness making it a no-no for sensitive skin. Botanicals and essential oils are far gentler on skin and can also be incredibly effective so why not go a little closer to nature when writing your skincare wish list? All Slow Ageing products contain supercharged natural anti-oxidants to neutralise damaging free radicals, which left unchecked can affect the DNA, protein and cell membrane via oxidation to degrade the quality of the skin cell. Our award-winning Facial Essence for example is brimming with 100% pure lemon verbena essential oil - a star natural anti-oxidant and the ultimate weapon against free radical damage – plus DNA-protecting rosemary, while our Essential Face and Body Exfoliating Polish uses ginger at its very core to harness the most powerful anti-oxidants in the form of ginerols. We think Mother Nature knew what she was doing when she created all these incredible ingredients and it's our #honesttruth to simply allow them to shine!


10. My dark circles will never fade until I get a good night’s sleep - myth or mantra?

MYTH: Although lack of sleep can lead to dark under eye shadows, there are actually three other main reasons why you may suffer from them. The first is down to hyperpigmentation, which is more common in darker skin types and is caused by the body producing too much melanin, as well as both inflammation and friction. For example, wearing waterproof mascara and having to rub your eyes in order to remove it or suffering from allergies like hay fever, which can cause excessive rubbing and pulling of this fragile skin. The second is genetic. Having a naturally thinner and more transparent skin around the eye zone results in blood vessels being more visible as well as the purple/blue/red hue created from underlying muscles and bones showing through more easily. It can also be due to anemia caused by iron deficiency so it’s worth consulting your GP if this is a concern. Finally, loss of volume due to reduced levels of subcutaneous fat around the eyes is also a main cause. This appears as a hollowness underneath the eyes and will naturally happen with age, causing an obvious ‘tear’ that creates shadowing.

A poor diet, alcohol and caffeine can also all cause inflammation and puffiness too. The latter two lead to dehydration, which creates swelling around the eyes. Hydration is therefore key. Choose a lightweight but effective daily protector such as our Face Moisturiser, which is packed full of skin-tightening seaweed polyphenols, naturally plumping oceanic biopolymers and free radical battling anti-oxidants to fight ageing activity from pollution, UV light and stress. For your healthiest daylong glow it also doubles as the ultimate makeup base, helping your concealer to do its best camouflage job until more beauty sleep can finally be yours!




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