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Slow Ageing Essentials has been created through our own understanding of how to nourish and re-energise the skin using highly active essential oils and is part of our personal approach to holistic wellbeing.


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Pioneers of modern natural beauty

Slow Ageing Essentials Is the culmination of a life-long dedication to understanding the ageing process and Its effects on the Skin. Our desire is to share our experience and knowledge for the benefit of others. Slow Ageing is not simply about the finest, 100% natural skincare formulations, but a lifelong mission that can optimise your health, energy, skin and spirit.

40 years expertise, distilled

Slow Ageing Essentials founder David Lieber has been a pioneer of natural, holistic beauty for over four decades. David brought French aromatherapy skincare brand Decléor into the UK, helping transform it into the global brand it is today as well as running health clubs, private spas and gyms.

Alongside his advocacy for slow living, David is a keen meditator and sportsman, a passion that led to a 14 year stint as chairman of a London boxing club. Now, he is a keen tennis player, adores walking his dogs and follows the Chinese arts of Tai Chi and Qi Gong. These holistic systems of body posture, movement, breathing and meditation are translated as 'life energy'. The distillation of this integrity, depth of knowledge and dedication to slow beauty is poured into every drop of Slow Ageing Essentials.

"Energy is everything. Slow Ageing Essentials optimises your skin's natural ability to renew itself".

David Lieber - Founder

Wisdom and Wellbeing

Slow Ageing Essentials founder Margot Lieber was an advocate of healthy living long before it became mainstream. This passion has developed through many years of work as a yoga teacher and her extensive education in ayurvedic health and naturopathic nutrition.

Margot was born in Colombia where her family lived off the land and her mother and grandmother taught her the healing properties of herbs and natural remedies. At 16 she found a yoga book in her father’s collection that changed the course of her life. Moving to California, she studied at the School of Healing Arts and the Chopra Centre for Wellbeing as an ayurvedic therapist.

Margot has continued this dedication to the mind-body connection and recently graduated from the College of Natural Chef Cooking. She is happiest when taking long walks in nature and channels her personal philosophy into every Slow Ageing Essentials product.

"In order to look your best on the outside, you have to feel your best on the inside".

Margo Lieber - Founder

Real Beauty Credentials

Slow ageing essentials is the pinnacle of 40 years specialist knowledge of beauty, wellbeing and the power of essential oils. Each product works in synergy with the others in the collection and so best results are achieved when using the products in unison.

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