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You have told us your skin is dry so it is really important to keep it well hydrated, protected and nourished with vitamins. A botanical moisturiser gives you the best of both worlds; protecting skin from daily aggressors like the elements and ageing free radicals as well as reducing moisture loss during the day and adding natural nourishment. Loaded with skin-loving vitamin E, the algae in Face Moisturiser is a superb natural humectant, attracting nourishment like a magnet to increase moisture levels. Laden with antioxidant vitamins B and C to boost collagen and fight pigmentation plus magnesium and zinc to strengthen and protect a weak epidermis, algae helps maintain cell membranes too. To give thirsty skin an extra boost you may need to commit to using a treatment - around 3 times a week is ideal. Loaded with botanical butters, Face Balm has been specially developed to nourish and repair the skin’s upper layers as well as work deeper down to help ‘feed’ healthy new cells where they are formed in the epidermis. With shea butter – a concentrated source of oleic essential fatty acid to encourage skin regeneration - cocoa seed butter, which is rich in phytochemicals and forms a protective barrier over fragile skin, plus ultra hydrating and smoothing hazelnut seed oil, it transforms dry skin overnight. Increase its moisture-drenching capacity by applying using our ‘Skin’ergy self-massage’.

Move your body daily


Tai Chi, Qui Gong, Walking, Swimming; Regular exercise can make you happier by increasing production of endorphins, which help to produce positive feelings and reduce anxiety levels.

“Energise, strengthen and take care of our bodies”

The body also detoxifies via perspiration and circulation improves. Engaging in an activity you enjoy increases energy levels and provides anti-oxidant protection as well as promoting blood flow, which can protect skin and delay signs of ageing. Exercise can also help your memory and brain health as well as relaxation and sleep quality


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