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What is Slow Beauty & How Can You Achieve it?

Feeling frazzled? Too much to do? The stress of it all showing on your skin? Then now’s the perfect time to go slow. Impossible! we hear you cry… but why? Putting the world on hold for a few moments (or minutes) brings beauty and wellbeing rewards that really have to be experienced to be believed.

In an age when it seems we’re almost never off duty or uncontactable (to kids, elderly parents, partners and bosses), it’s vital to make time for self-care. This isn’t selfish it’s essential. There’s a saying that if you don’t look after yourself first then you won’t be unable to look after anyone else. The fastest way to self-care is actually the slowest. To slow down, to take deeper breaths, to notice – and pay attention to - what’s outside your window, to care for your skin with a regime that’s simple and nurturing can be surprisingly easy when you understand how. We’re so passionate about the benefits of this route to ageless beauty that at Slow Ageing Essentials we feel it’s our responsibility to share the 6 ways to slow we both depend on and advocate…

  1. We are honesty in a bottle

As consumers we’re more savvy than ever about what we put onto our skins. We want to know our money has been well spent on ingredients that are super high quality and super effective… with no hidden nasties! In fact when David and Margot first decided to pour their decades of experience in skincare and wellbeing into a range of their own, integrity had to be at its heart. Determined to create a straightforward range that combats oxidation – the primary cause of skin damage – they focused on cramming their products with only the finest, most potent and natural free-radical fighting anti-oxidants and skin-boosting botanicals.

The result? Every Slow Ageing product is formulated to be 100% effective and ultra kind to skin too – or your money back. We like to think of it as our potency promise! We don’t agree with quick-fixes – we believe it takes up to a month, that’s one skin renewal cycle, for the effects of this simple regime to really show on the quality of your skin… but when it does, we think you’ll be amazed by the improvement in elasticity, tone and brightness of your complexion. In fact we are so confident in the transformation Slow Ageing Essentials brings to your skin’s condition that if, for whatever reason you are dissatisfied, we will give you a complete refund. With our 30-day results or refund pledge you simply cannot make a mistake.

"Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes, including you".

Anne Lamott, novelist & author

  1. We are powered by potency

So how do Slow Ageing products actually bring every skin type into its best condition in only a month… and then progressively maintain it? The answer lies in our 3 potent, super powered active ingredient systems. First, a host of 100% pure and active star anti-oxidants actually disarm damaging free radicals caused by daily challenges such as pollution, UV and blue light, emotional stress, poor diet and fatigue allowing the skin cells to fight back, repair and renew for a smoother complexion. Next, topical circulation stimulants actually bring oxygen, blood and nutrients to the skin’s surface to optimise the skin’s natural defense system. Finally concentrated, pure essential fatty acids plus natural vitamins like C and E and barrier restoring lipids from waxes and oils moisturise deeply, softening and soothing the skin’s outer layers to plump and condition.

  1. We think capsule beauty rules!

We don’t believe in complicated – who’s got the time or the energy? We certainly haven’t! Everyone can benefit from a routine that’s simple and fuss-free. That’s why we only make 7 essential products and 2 treatments – because this really is all that skin needs. Just 4 products for face and 3 for body. We think everyone can manage a skincare routine that can be over and done with in around a minute, if necessary.First, a quick and easy, deeply cleansing Essential Face Wash perfectly preps skin for ultimate absorption of our luxe glow-giving concentrate, Essential Facial Essence. Then polyphenol loaded, skin-plumping Essential Moisturiser protects and seals in the goodness during the day while at night Essential Face Balm intensively nourishes and rebalances as you sleep. It’s simplicity itself.

We won’t be cluttering up your bathroom shelves either as we keep it perfectly streamlined for body too. Restorative Essential Bath Essence relaxes mind and softens skin then Essential Face & Body Exfoliating Polish revitalises and smooths providing the most receptive base for massaging in uplifting, toning Essential Firming Body Essence. Every Slow Ageing product is also precisely formulated to work in complete harmony with its partners, doubling their results and bringing out the best in each other… and your skin.

  1. We are a smarter, cleaner & greener force of Nature

Speaking of ingredients, we are convinced no one does it better than Mother Nature, which is why we formulate our range using only sustainably and responsibly sourced oils, butters and waxes. These pure, active and exceptionally high quality skin-saving essential oils and health-boosting botanicals are infinitely more effective and also better for the health of our planet, another vitally important element of our ethos.

We are all aware there’s a global movement to reduce how much we throw away – and at Slow Ageing Essentials we want to be part of the solution, not the problem. That’s why we refuse to use plastic in our supply chain and focus instead on recyclable materials. Our beautiful violet glass bottles and jars not only preserve the efficacy of the active botanicals inside but are also easily recycled. We send the products out in a handy reusable cloth bag safely outer packaged in recycled cardboard. We’re proud to manufacture all our products in the UK too and only use sustainably sourced, 100% pure essential oils and botanicals in our formulations. We wholeheartedly believe that protecting the environment is just as important as safeguarding our skin and body – we only have one of each.

  1. We are lighting skin from within

Those all-important moments of slow are amplified using our bespoke application technique – Skin’ergy. Like a facelift at your fingertips, this revitalising series of self-massage movements genuinely improves how your skin functions as well as how it looks. Gentle fingertip pressure stimulates oxygen and lymph flow, drawing the essential oil-rich formulations deeper into the skin’s tissues to improve the quality of the skin cell from within, effectively doubling the products’ results. On the surface, skin is exercised and energised, leaving it firmer, softer and with an ageless glow - illuminated from the inside out. It also feels utterly amazing; an enlivening routine when done in the morning transforms into an intensely relaxing wind-down before sleep. Our step-by-step ‘how to’ video guides make it incredibly easy to master too. Give it a go… we think you’ll be hooked on your skin’s progressive improvement in more ways than one.

  1. We are PRO-age - not anti-age

Like people everywhere (especially women!) we are delighted the tide has finally turned on pursuing the unreality that’s ‘anti-age’. We all want to look our absolute best, with skin that’s clear and glowing, but we are certainly not fixated with avoiding wrinkles or turning the clock back. We want to look like the best versions of ourselves. Think Helen Mirren, Twiggy and Charlotte Rampling – they are fully embracing the concept that older doesn’t mean less beautiful, stylish or fulfilled! We want to celebrate being the age we are – and all the wit, wisdom, style and confidence that comes with it. That’s not to say we don’t want skin in fabulous condition too… which is where Slow Ageing really comes into its own.

Our highly targeted botanical formulations have been specifically developed to fight the ageing oxidisation of free radicals to slow the rate skin degrades over time. Always being on the go – eating on the run, squeezing in exercise only when we can, looking after others – all this encourages the formation of free radicals leaving skin showing signs of stress. Stress can affect skin by making it more reactive or sensitive causing breakouts, flare-ups and flakiness. It often means we take less care of ourselves as well but when skincare regimes take a back seat complexions can quickly become dull, over dry (or over oily) and patchy looking – the exact opposite of what we want or need.

This is why we believe a fast world needs S L O W skin. Using a gentle, effective and minimal fuss range of nurturing, nourishing and rebalancing skincare will help skin regain its vitality. Slow Ageing’s 100% pure and slowly distilled essential oils work not only on the skin’s surface to smooth and refine but also within the skin’s layers to reactivate and regenerate cells and on the olfactory system to relax and de-stress, reducing fine lines and brightening skin. Consistency is key and combined with a more mindful approach to wellbeing – whether that’s taking deep, meditative breaths, eating antioxidant-rich foods, maintaining hydration levels, enjoying gentle exercise or getting more sleep (ideally all of the above!) – you can find that pause button… and maintain the glow of your skin for longer.

We truly consider Slow Ageing Essentials is all you need for all of your skin, for all of your life. And this is how we are redefining ageless beauty…