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Tis the Season!

There’s such a lot to think about at this time of year. Anyone who has children will know the back to school routine comes as quite a shock as we adjust to earlier mornings and less leisurely days. Combined with being back in the office after the glorious summer weather and a long holiday, this part of autumn can have a bigger impact on us than New Year itself.

It’s really a question of changing gear and getting things in order – and that includes your skincare and wellbeing. However, getting your head around this new routine and gearing up for what’s coming next (did anyone mention Christmas!) needn’t be a headache. We’ve put together some key seasonal skin and wellbeing strategies to help ease the way forwards and ensure your skin continues to glow with good health right into winter:

Moisture surge - As temperatures start to drop and the central heating goes on, dehydration is your skin’s main issue. To help counteract these drying, dulling effects, boost the moisturising factor of your Essential Face Wash by mixing in Essential Face Balm – a ratio of two thirds to one third is ideal. This treatment cleanse smooths away impurities and dead skin cells to leave skin nourished and rehydrated. Work both the products into a rich cream in the palm of your hand then massage all over face and neck before smoothing off in the shower. Try using a basic cotton towelling face cloth to take it off, as this will effectively remove product whilst adding a little natural exfoliation. Your skin will feel like silk afterwards. Remember to finish with our Essential Moisturiser for protection in the morning or Facial Essence in the evening to vitalise overnight.

Keep hydrated – Our bodies also still need plenty of hydration in the form of fresh water to function efficiently, no matter how chilly it’s getting outside. As in summer, aim to drink at least a litre a day – it really is your skin’s (and body’s) best friend. Your body comprises 60% water and the brain nearly 80%, so staying hydrated is incredibly important if we’re to function effectively. 

If it just feels too cold to drink water straight from the tap or filtered from the fridge, boil a kettle and allow it to cool slightly before squeezing in the juice of half a lemon. The warmth makes it far more palatable to the senses and the citrus fruit burst will deliver a helpful regular dose of immune-boosting Vitamin C.

Vital vitamin – Speaking of vitamins, UV light is key for topping up all-important Vitamin D levels. Even if you eat healthily, it’s hard to get those all the Vitamin D you need from food alone. We need this vitamin for healthy bone and cell growth, to reduce inflammation and boost our immune systems. With the onset of shortening daytime hours and the reduction in natural sunlight over the autumn and winter months, it’s wise to take a daily supplement from October to the end of March.

Smoothly does it – Our natural process of cell renewal slows as we age. The cycle is around every 21 days when we are in our 20s but can increase to 28 days or longer by time you’re in your 50s or 60s. Gentle exfoliation lifts away dry, lacklustre skin cells to reveal bright new ones underneath, meaning skin looks more radiant and fresh. Also applying essential oils and the right diet and lifestyle can all help speed up the cycle so that skin functions more efficiently, like it did in your youth. You can rev up this process by mixing Essential Face Balm (around 20%) with our new Essential Face and Body Exfoliating Polish (around 80%) for a moisture-boosting exfoliation that leaves the complexion super-soft.

It’s easy to forget the condition of skin on our limbs once we start layering up in tights and woolly sleeves but exfoliation is not just for summer bodies. Dry skin brushing before you shower can kick-start a natural exfoliation mechanism. Once in the shower use 10p sized amounts of our new Essential Face and Body Exfoliating Polish to help get your body velvety smooth too. Use one scoop for upper torso, décolleté and arms, another for stomach and lower back then a final one for legs and start working it all over your skin. With ginger, orange and pomegranate exfoliants this exhilarating creamy polish can also be used dry on the body to brighten and tone. Really spend some time massaging it in for optimum benefit. 

Include your hands in your beauty routine. They are so exposed to the elements and quick to show signs of neglect… and ageing. Treat them like your face. Try exfoliating the backs of your hands and fingers before massaging in our new Essential Firming Body Essence. This 100% natural body oil contains Lemon Verbena and Rosemary not the ingredients so it’s protective and strengthening, especially when applied before bed. It’s an old one but a good one so if you don’t already, get yourself some rubber gloves and always use them for washing up and housework. The chemicals in household detergents can really strip skin (and nails) of much needed moisture.

Take a stroll – It’s all too easy to stay indoors as sunshine reduces and temperatures drop. But maintaining some kind of daily physical activity to keep blood pumping and oxygen levels up will deliver healthier, more vital looking skin. Post holiday moods can slump too but exercise will quickly help replace those feel-good endorphins. Autumn is such a stunning time of year so why not get out into nature? Try taking a walk and soak up some of that gilded glory. Watching our world turn golden, even with a simple stroll in your local park, can be such a joy. The pure, clear light we get in the UK at this time of year really highlights all those burnished oranges, reds and golds to perfection.

Ginger-giser! – No one wants to start a new season with a cold or cough; it’s never a great look! Improve digestion plus help ward off colds and tummy bugs naturally with an antibacterial Ayurvedic ginger shot. The fresh rhizome (root) has been used for centuries as a potent natural immune-booster. It’s very fibrous though so you’ll need to strain it after juicing. Mix equal parts ginger juice with water and lemon juice. Melt some manuka honey into (warm) water to taste then add a touch of fresh black pepper. Make it all up to one litre and store in the fridge in a glass bottle for up to three weeks. Each morning, either ¾ fill a shot glass and knock it straight back or mix into more water for a long drink. We think of it as our ‘ginger elixir’ and it’s a real tonic right now.