The Story of Slow Ageing

The Story of Slow Ageing

David and Margot have long shared a passion for wellbeing and self-care. They are both fascinated by the infinite wonders of our planet, its powerful energy and the inspiring nature that surrounds us. 

David’s long career in the health and beauty industry and his enthusiasm for the far-reaching benefits of essential oils has taken him to many corners of the globe. Working with some of the world’s most celebrated chemists he truly understands how these precious natural essences can transform the quality and look of skin. Having studied, practised and even competed in the Chinese arts of Tai Chi and Qui Gong, he has also developed a deep knowledge of how important energy is to our bodies, skin and mental health – something that’s at the heart of Slow Ageing Essentials. With Margot’s heritage being Colombian, her personal journey into yoga and holistic wellbeing has seen her relocate from California (where she worked with Deepak Chopra at the Chopra Centre for wellbeing as an Ayurvedic therapist) to London. Like David, she has managed spas and, based on her understanding of the body through Ayurvedic training, has been involved in creating holistic treatments too.

“It’s never too late to start… or too early to begin.” 

Based on 40 years experience, Slow Ageing Essentials is a joint venture that has been many, many years in the planning. David and Margot wanted to combine their knowledge of how the mind and body works together to create a range that’s truly exceptional - products that really do work! Slow Ageing Essentials is the result. Born from a real commitment to understanding the potent and far-reaching benefits of botanicals and their remarkable effects on the skin, this capsule range reflects their ethos of passion for the best ingredients and integrity in product development. They are immensely proud of their beautiful, radiance-boosting products. We are hoping that you will come to love the range’s benefits as much as everyone involved in the brand does.  

It has been such an enjoyable journey. From coming up with names for the essential products, to testing different formulations and choosing their very special packaging, David and Margot always bore in mind their desire to create something meaningful. They were both determined not to compromise in their vision. 

“Energy is everything” 

We all believe its name – Slow Ageing Essentials – really does say it all. A straightforward range of 7 stimulating, re-energising products (no gimmicks or unnecessary lotions products you don’t really need) that together can really slow the ageing process on a cellular level. They insisted on using only the finest grade botanicals from the beginning, as these have the most potency. The products are formulated with the highest quality, purest essential oils, which harness the very life force of the plant they are extracted from. It’s acknowledged that these natural essences penetrate the skin’s 3 layers and travel into the bloodstream where they can actually improve the quality of the skin cell, delivering a multitude of different benefits. Utilising their extensive knowledge, plus that of our talented team of chemists and aromatherapists - and the most potent ingredients - we believe Slow Ageing Essentials delivers truly exceptional results for a smoother, more radiant complexion.

None of us are wishing to regain our youth but simply want to look (and feel) the very best we can for the ages we are. The real signs of ageing begin to show from your late 20s into your 30s so what you do then is key to how your skin will look in your 60s and beyond. Our bodies change constantly and because skin is the largest organ, what we see on the outside is a clear reflection of what’s going on inside. The aim of Slow Ageing Essentials is to help you appear 30+ in your 40s, 40+ in your 50s, 60+ in your 70s and beyond. It’s never too late to start… or too early to begin.

David and Margot’s philosophy encompasses many areas that are intrinsically linked. From what they eat and drink, the quality of their sleep and the regular exercise they take to what they apply daily to their skins. It really is a lifestyle choice for them, a choice they can see reflected on their faces every day in skin that’s supple – and that looks younger than their actual years!

They have been thrilled at the responses of those friends, family and colleagues whom so willingly tried the products. They always knew that the formulations were incredible but the feedback has been almost overwhelming. They can’t wait to hear yours…