In it Together

In it Together

You don’t need us to tell you that we are in uncertain times, a time when it has never been more important to help others, even if only at a distance. Everyone, we are sure, is keen to do their bit – whether big or small – to help the wider community.

As a team here at Slow Ageing Essentials we all really want to lend a helping hand so have come up with three very natural fits that we feel can make an immediate difference by:

Supporting @thebeautybanks

Beauty journalist, Sali Hughes, and her friend, PR Director, Jo Jones, started Beauty Banks early in 2018 and their non-profit organisation is going to from strength to strength, aided by donations from members of the public along with celebrity hairdressers and makeup artists as well as beauty and personal care companies. The charity works just like a food bank but instead of food, they collect and distribute essential personal care and beauty items to registered food banks and shelters.

Poverty in the UK isn’t just about getting enough to eat; it’s about giving people in this position access to basic hygiene products too. Without items like toothpaste, soap, sanitary products, shampoo and razors to look and stay clean, then confidence, self-esteem and wellbeing also suffers. With the media reporting that the Covid-19 crisis has seen donations to food banks reducing, there’s never been a better time to pay it forward. We are proud to support Sali and Jo’s Helping Hand campaign with donations of Slow Ageing products and financial contributions. Inspired to lend a hand too? Beauty Banks also have a JustGiving page or you can send donations direct – see their website


Getting behind &

As with hundreds of thousands of other small businesses across the UK, hair and beauty salon owners and their employees are having to face economic hardship resulting from the current pandemic. The Beauty Council, which represents the voices, opinions and needs of the British beauty industry, and Treatwell – the largest hair and beauty bookings website in Europe – are both running campaigns to get government support for local beauty salons and therapists. We are all too happy to support these initiatives and back our friends and colleagues in the beauty industry by spreading the word.


Giving a boost to those in need

We also started our very own mini campaign to spread a little cheer in these difficult days by asking for nominations of people whom you felt could particularly do with a boost - and we would then surprise them with one of 100 complimentary and extremely uplifting Essential Face Essences 5ml. Loaded with happiness inducing, 100% pure essential oils that also bring a radiant glow to any complexion, we were literally overwhelmed with names to receive this small but very mighty skincare hero, receiving more than 1,000 nominations in a matter of days! We are now trying to get the mini skincare treats out as soon as we can, so please bear with us. We are also very much hoping to repeat this activity in the near future so keep an eye out for further news.