How To... Use Essential Face Balm

How To... Use Essential Face Balm

We’re passionate about achieving your best ever skin - just 4 products and 4 steps to flawless – forever. These super-hero products are loaded with antioxidants to help repair cellular damage and fast-forward cell renewal, essential fatty acids to plump, polyphenols to tighten and collagen-stimulating natural vitamins for ‘springy’ skin.

Each formula works hard… but performs even better when it’s applied the slow ageing way using our unique ‘Skin-ergy self-massage’. Whenever you’re trying something new, it’s always easier if someone shows you how, so that’s why we came up with our handy ‘How To’ video guides. Created by our Co-Founder Margot, Skin’ergy works with your internal energy channels to release blocked energy, stimulate glow-boosting blood, oxygen and lymph flow plus exercise facial muscles. It also ensures products are perfectly absorbed and activated, speeding them along their way to travel deeply into the skin, restoring and relighting it from within.

The series of flowing facial massage movements uses a medium pressure (this won’t ‘drag’ the skin), stimulating every part of your face to illuminate your complexion from the inside out. You’ll be sent a leaflet showing the ‘Skin’ergy self-massage’ steps when you order Facial Essence and Face Balm or you can watch our application videos on each product page.

Before you begin your ‘Skin’ergy’ massage, deeply cleanse skin using Face Wash. Your ultra clean, ultra receptive complexion will lap up Essential Face Balm’s skin-plumping goodness so much better. Next, 1-3 times a week at night, fill a level spatula of Face Balm and apply onto the palm. Hands to nose, take 3 deep breaths. Then…

STEP 1 - Apply upwards and outwards with light but definite pressure.

STEP 2 - Massage up and down the meridian line.

STEP 3 - Massage palm from brow to forehead.

STEP 4 - Massage pads of fingers around the orbit of the eye.

STEP 5 - Sweep finger pads under the eye from side to side.

STEP 6 - Massage temples in an upward circular motion.

STEP 7 - Massage from nose; sweep down and outwards along the meridian line and up over cheek.

STEP 8 - Pinch fingers either side of the jawline, massage chin to ear.

STEP 9 – Three fingers on top lip, circular motion massage around mouth.

STEP 10 - Massage in circular motion across the top lip, repeat for bottom lip.

STEP 11 - Massage thumb and forefinger slowly up the neck to chin.

STEP 12 - Hand on opposite chest, massage up to shoulder, swap sides.


Choose your time

There are 3 different lengths of Skin’ergy routines to select from when applying the Balm, depending how much time you have. We have easy-to-follow videos for each:

  1. Skin’ergy Express (your speedy/morning routine) - 3 repeats per stroke, 12 steps, 60 seconds;
  2. Skin’ergy Evening (a longer routine before bed) - 6 repeats per stroke, 12 steps, 2 mins;
  3. Skin’ergy Treatment (an intensive treat 1-3 times a week) - 12 repeats per stroke, 12 steps, 5 mins.

If skin is really thirsty you may wish to use the Balm more frequently and parched complexions may relish it being applied over the Essence too. Everyone’s skin is different so it’s all about finding what works for you. Remember to have a little patience… very quickly the movements will feel second nature, with both your skin (and spirits) reaping the true benefits of taking it slow.

However often you choose to apply the Balm, it’s the fourth and final step of your four to flawless.