Femi Latif: Getting My Slow On

Femi Latif: Getting My Slow On

Running a business for 30 years I realised everything I did was fast-paced. I would rush to work, rush at work, rush to get home… you get the picture! It gradually dawned on me that as time went on, unless you learn to SLOW down, your life will be consistently busy and you will always fill your day with more and more work and chores. After having to teach myself to learn to say "no" and go with the flow more, I now start each morning by drinking warm lemon water followed by a 20-30mins walk surrounded by nature, peace and quiet. This helps me to think clearly and plan my day. After a warm shower and trusted skincare routine I’m ready! I always make time to allow for a few minutes self-massage, which prepares my face and adds a glow to my skin - I swear by this.

When I get to work I gear up and try and manage my time productively, prioritising my tasks for the day. Having a business and being responsible for staff, clients and overall management has taught me there is no end to daily challenges but I do find having a positive outlook, calm and loving nature and good communication skills resolves most situations.

Everyday, without exception, I have learned to switch off my mind and give myself at least half an hour of not thinking about anything. I do this by either taking a bath with candles, music and aromatherapy oils, or sitting in a quiet room and just concentrating on my breathing and relaxing every muscle in my body. It’s my way of recharging my batteries.

Last thing at night, I follow a little ritual. If I have time I lay in my bath but if not, I have a shower and cleanse my skin and apply my night care products. Again I include a short massage, which I totally believe helps my skin to regenerate overnight - and me to sleep well.

As I grow older I try my best to have more ‘me time’ and it is the best thing I have learned to do. If I was to give my younger self some advice, I would remind myself that life is short and yes, work is important, but quality ‘you time’ is vitally important, too.

Femi Latif is owner of the multi-award winning Femi Health & Beauty Salon in Leicester, the exclusive home of Slow Ageing Essentials Treatments.